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Mondol Group of Firm is a sole proprietorship business. Almost 10-12 concerns are regularly active and these concerns are established on the base of backward and forward linkage. First of all Mondol Automatic Rice Mill then it's by product are use as fish feed for Mondol Fisheries. Another concern named Nafis Enterprise is a trading business where fish feeds and fertilizers are sold. So, Mondol Fisheries get the fish feed at minimum rate.

Mondol Bricks Manufacturer is also our primary business. Major productions are use as road construction material for Renu Construction and Nafis Enterprise Construction. Transportation is a big issue for any kind of business. Our all concerns directly depend on transport. That issue was the reason for build up our transport business.

Our Business strategy

We work with soil which depends directly on the weather so we have to do environment friendly work. Our strategy is not to the opposite of our environment. For long term business we think we want to become a banyan tree because it's better than a rain tree.

Chairman's Speech

abdul-hakim-mondol The time was 1950. One man who thoughts about a full automated rice mill. In the British period it was a big mission to build up an automatic rice mill by a Muslim family. That man was Nasir Mondol. His visionary plan is the key to success of today's Mondol Group of Firm. Once upon a time it was a family business but now it is a company where we are working with 1000 employees and standing almost in a leading position in north Bengal.